“Wonder of the Western World”, the Mont-Saint-Michel is surrounded by a magnificent bay, which is the theatre of the greatest tidal ranges in Europe. Classified as a “Historic Monument” in 1874 and as a “World Heritage” Site by Unesco in 1979, this major tourist centre welcomes more than three million tourists a year. Only a third of visitors to the Mount actually make it to the  abbey with its many famous steps! Come and be part of the brave who climb to the top!

Rates 2-hour guided tour of the village and abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel in French, English, Spanish and Japanese (abbey entrance fees chargeable to the customer, 9€ by adult, free of charge for the under 18s and the under-26s from the European Union, 9€ for the non-European under-26s) 160€ (group/school group 30 people max), 3€ per additional person Individuals, please contact me through the “Contact” page



The view of the sea and the inner Saint-Malo from the ramparts is just magnificent. The beaches surrounding the city are a place for delectation both for the town‘s inhabitants and its many visitors. Saint-Malo is an active commercial port, and it is the 1st Breton port for the passenger transportation from or to Portsmouth, Jersey, Poole, and Guernsey. It is also famous for its marina. In 2020 the transatlantic race will take place between Quebec and Saint-Malo. It commemorates the 1st trip of Jacques Cartier in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. All the more reason to come and visit this illustrious city with a qualified and enthusiastic guide!

Rates 1h30 guided tour of Saint-Malo (one part on the ramparts and the other in the inner Saint-Malo) in French, English and Spanish 150€ (group/school group 30 people max), 3€ per additional person



The medieval city is known for its “festival of the ramparts” which takes place every couple of years. The city has loads to offer with its 115 half-timbered houses dating 15th to 18th centuries. As for its Jerzual port area, it is full of restaurants with a beautiful view at the “Rance” river and the viaduct which crosses it. It is also famous for the celebrities who spent time or lived there such as Bertrand Du Guesclin, Auguste Pavie, and Chateaubriand.

Rates 1h30 guided tour of Dinan in French, English and Spanish 150€ (group/school group 30 people max), 3€ per additional person



Former corsair city, Granville was also an important cod-fishing centre from 16th to 20th centuries. Nowadays it is well-known for its fishing port and marina. The view at the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel from the “old city” is beautiful. This historical city centre contains mansions and main residences of the rich Granville’s ship-owners. The walk by the sea called “Le Plat-Gousset” next to the Casino is appreciated by the inhabitants (a little more than 12,000 in Granville) and by the visitors. As for the famous “Belle Epoque” villa called “Rhumbs”, it was the childhood house of Christian Dior. It is situated on top of a hill next to the sea. Finally, we cannot speak about Granville without mentioning its carnival, famous for its spontaneity, its lively and “good-natured” spirit.

Rates 1h30 guided tour of Granville in French, English and Spanish 150€ (group/shoolgroup 30 people max), 3€ per additional person

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